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ANZAC DAY 2012 by toddperry
ANZAC DAY 2012 - The Opera House

Dave & Millie - Sydney Wedding by toddperry
Dave & Millie got married in Sydney….It was awesome…

The sun sets on the island of Caye Caulker in Belize. Fantastic place. 


Infra Red from the Ferris & Dave wedding over the weekend… 

A few weeks a go one of my best mates got married… to my sister in-law. (don’t ask) Photographing weddings is one thing but being in the eye of the storm is what its all really about. I was best man & i loved every minute. With best man duties i didn’t get to take many photos apart from when we were on the way to the ceremony in the bus. Were close. 20-30 years close. And we laugh. Amazing mates. 

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The sun rose again today.. it tends to do that… The pic above was taken just below the grave yard that sits between Coogee and Bronte. An amazing stretch of coast. I climbed down to the shore and watched the waves come in as the sun came up..Brilliant. 

El Capitol….. One of the views (and photos i took) where my wife and i sat and drank ‘dos mojito’ for just a few pesos. Havana is a beautiful, intriguing city locked in time just as El Capitol an amazing building by any standard is locked up, vacant and invites you to think about what Cuba was, what it is and what it will be..

Mmmm cake.. 

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